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Israeli gunfire killed 2 Palestinian in Gaza

Posted on November 24, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Source Ma’an News Agency


A Palestinian celebrates what they say is a victory over Israel after an
eight-day conflict during a rally in Gaza City, Nov. 22.
(Reuters/Suhaib Salem)

One adult has been killed and at least 10 teenagers injured after Israeli soldiers opened fire at the Gaza-Israel border, Gaza medical authorities claimed.

The incident happened east of the city of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.

The clashes erupted after a group of Palestinian farmers wandered into the disputed 300-meter buffer zone along the border, Al Jazeera reported.

The story speculates that the farmers may have entered the buffer zone to check on their crops after hearing a news report claiming that travel restrictions had been lifted for the area.

20 years old Anwar Qudai, killed today in Gaza by Israeli border forces. Shot in the mouth, and 2 other died from their injuries sustained during the attack on Gaza, death toll rises to 165 martyrs! Israel brakes the truce

The deceased was identified as 20-year-old Anwar Qudaih, Gaza-based journalist Harry Fear reported.

In another incident Israeli forces shot and injured a Palestinian man east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip late Thursday after he approached a fence on the border, medics said.

The incidents occurred less than 24 hours since the start of a truce negotiated by Egypt between Israel and Hamas to end eight days of deadly airstrikes on the territory.

Haitham Abu Daqqa, 23, had approached the fence with a group of people carrying flags and celebrating the end of the conflict as Palestinians rallied for a second day.

The Israeli army described the demonstration as a riot.

An army spokesman said 200 Palestinians approached the fence and “began rioting” before causing damage to the fence. He said soldiers attempted to disperse the demonstrators without violence.

“In accordance with the rules of engagement, soldiers fired warning shots in the air,” he told Ma’an.

Israel and Hamas agreed to stop attacks on each other’s territory late Wednesday after eight days of airstrikes that killed some 170 Palestinians across Gaza.

The ceasefire was seen locally as a victory over Israel, which had threatened a ground operation but backed down after armed groups fired rockets as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Ahmad Abu Daqqa was shot in the stomach by an Israeli soldier while playing football outside his family’s home in the southeast Gaza Strip on 8 November. (Eyad Al Baba / APA images)

How ironic on November 8 when Israel stepped up its attacks on Gaza 6 days before the official Israel date of the attacks. Israel border IDF killed 13 year old boy Abu Daqqa.

“Thirteen-year-old Muhammad Abu Daqqa vividly recalls the moment his friend and cousin Ahmad Abu Daqqa was killed outside his southeast Gaza home while they were playing football last Thursday afternoon.” Electronic Intifada

Same last name of  today first casualty of Israel IDF’s fire,  after the cease of fire was agreed on November 23, 2012.

As always Israel never fulfill its promises, every time there is a truce of cease of fire, Israel got to be the first to brake it. It will turn around and will say that Palestinians broke the truce. Every Media outlet will parrot the lie, and what it could be a real effort to stop the madness will end up with the militias sending rockets as a retaliation and off course Israel will respond with more drones and bombs.

November 24, 2012, I killed and 17 Palestinians wounded on Gaza while celebrating the truce.

This does not come as a surprise, Israel had never ever fulfill a promise.

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