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UN vote on Palestine: A humiliating defeat for US, Israel

Posted on December 03, 2012 by Akashma Online News

By Gordon Duff  Published Press TV

Palestine had humiliated Israel and US on historical Vote November 29 2012

Palestine had humiliated Israel and US on historical Vote November 29 2012

This was the day of the vote, the United Nations General Assembly voted to award “non-member statehood” to Palestine.

There are no more “occupied territories,” only an imprisoned and illegally occupied nation.

I can’t count the times I have heard the same things, the “talking points” used by the army of hasbara “helpers” who have worked relentlessly for 64 years to make the killing of Muslim women and children and the exile of millions seem heroic and noteworthy.

Today, the entire world recoiled in horror at the crimes of the “heroic” Jewish “homeland” that so many were convinced would remain “above the law” forever.

Protected by controlled news and media, propagandized history and the resources of billions in American aid, billions more in cash from trafficking in drugs, arms, human organs, conflict diamonds, money that was supposed to keep the world bribed and blackmailed for decades to come, today was never meant to happen.

We are told nine nations out of nearly 200 were all that would bow to the threats. Those threats are real, we will see school bombings, train wrecks, airline crashes, punishment meted out to those who chose to disobey, the “goyim” who failed to “keep their place” as the Torah demands, those who failed to “serve the Jew” as required by Israeli law.

Today the world became anti-Semitic, a world of “holocaust deniers,” all planning to build gas chambers, open concentration camps, all arming to push the Jews of Israel into the sea. The inane rhetoric began days ago and will reach a crescendo that no one will hear.

This is the old story told a million times, one that has lost its magic it seems.

Israel’s friends? The US and Canada along with Panama and the Marshall Islands, or as Jim W. Dean calls them, “the hockey puck and cocoanut brigade.”

Today, the Germans were no longer guilt ridden despite 64 years of being humiliated in the media and blackmailed into providing illegal weapons of mass destruction to Israel.

Polls held across Europe show 65% of the people support a Palestinian state. Israel has chosen to see this as betrayal.

In choosing to see it that way, they will make it so

For more times than I can count, the same story, “how can a little nation,” albeit one that controls much of the world’s organized crime, one that controls over half the world’s debt based currencies, one that has dictated a failed and even depraved culture upon the West, how can such a little nation do so much damage.

The answer is simple

Anyone can name a dozen, a hundred or even a thousand Jews who have contributed to science, to culture and to the moral standing of humanity.

The real question is simple

How can a nation that is supposed to represent what is undeniably a great people, warm of heart, by nature kind and accepting, how can such a nation become enslaved by a degenerate culture of victimization that has turned it into a pariah?

None of this had to be that way

Today, mention Israel and all that is seen is bombs falling on children in Gaza and the clownish hubris of Netanyahu with his hapless cartoon and maniacal and yet foolish and perhaps even idiotic scowl.
It didn’t have to come down to this, not to where six million Palestinians live in prison camps or as refugees, four million more scattered across the planet, three hundred thousand murdered after sixty four years of ethnic cleansing to build an apartheid state.

And for what…
The West Bank seized to build cheap vacation condos for “settlers.” I love that word, “settlers.” Olive groves are plowed under, villages bulldozed to ruin and “settlements” are built.

There is no employment on the West Bank, not for “settlers,” nothing but squatting on the land of others, looking out the window and stolen land, devoid of the real Semites who lived there for endless centuries, the Palestinians, all of whom, were manufactured history put to the test, at one time the tribes of Israel converted to Christianity and then Islam.

It could have been different

An enlightened people, tempered by suffering, could have come to Judea at the end of the Second World War, welcomed, as were those who came before. A nation could have been built, no “clash of cultures,” but something very different.

What happened was different, not just different from what could have been, but so very different from what is taught in Israel and the west, a story of colonial conquest, of 400 decimated villages, of expelled millions, of the labeling of those who stood up, those who resisted as being terrorists or renegades or savages.

The story is not just one of Israel and when passing judgment, few in the West are so innocent, in fact almost none. The great banking houses made sure palms were greased, an assurance that the world would see the birth of something monstrous when it could have been otherwise.

Today’s vote at the United Nations can be seen as a humiliating defeat for Israel. It could also be seen as a humiliating defeat for the United States though the current regime in Tel Aviv is quite violently anti-American and an outspoken enemy of President Obama.

We are certain that Secretary Clinton could have bullied at least one more “micro nation” to push Israel into the “two digit” column.

There is, in fact, no evidence that the US or any other nation, not after the horror in Gaza, cared to deny this ever so minor step toward long deserved recognition for ten million people denied their rights and identity.

Those politicians that tell us that the real settlement will be between the Palestinians and Israel are obviously both well meaning and delusional.

Israel faces more years of Netanyahu’s rule as his psyche is increasingly infected with narcissism and inhumanity.

None see him as the leader of a modern state and those who believe Israel to have a functioning democracy or who strive to maintain that believe despite evidence to the contrary, must also wonder how blind a people must be to choose a leader who brings such shame and even hatred on his people.

As an American, especially one who travels extensively, the Bush 43 years come to mind. In nation after nation it was always expected that, as an American, I identified with the style, the values and the intellectual strivings of our chosen national leader.

What I really mean is that people around the world assumed Americans were ignorant, bigoted and sociopathic.

I found real advantage in this, no matter how “jet lagged,” irritable or socially inept I may have been, even my worst behaviors would always exceed expectations. Most often, people would tell me, “I can actually understand your English; we thought all Americans talked like ‘Bush.’”

In the same sense, we must expect that Israel has to be a nation of decent people and that their insane dictator and his endless ravings must be an embarrassment to all.

Then I ask myself, is this just me, my belief that mankind has an innate sense of honor, of right and wrong, a desire for decency, an appreciation of beauty, of kindness, the universal things, family, children, community, or am I just fooling myself?

There were lessons today, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear

As Jim Dean pointed out to me, the media has kept the real issues at bay, focusing on the usual messages of dirty sex and celebrity gossip, what represents that which is vital for an informed electorate in the world’s great and powerful civilizations.

The issue is clear, Europe, the dependable backers of any Israeli mischief have “left the bus” for good.
They are not coming back. Australia is gone; this is not an “Arab and Jew” thing and screaming “anti-Semite” and pointing fingers is not worth even a “giggle” anymore.

The world is sick of it

There is an expectation that a settlement is reach and, in reality, no one believes that Israel or the Palestinians will be able to get there on their own.
America, sacrificing any potential for credibility and leadership, made a mistake today that will haunt President Obama, a mistake that will leave a stain on his legacy.

Domestic economic emergencies, partisan bickering over tax issues led to this debacle, that and a lack of courage and foresight.

America’s other obsession, the overthrow of Assad in Syria, has clearly placed the US in the position of “underhanded plotter,” hardly a stepping-stone to a resurgence of trust, leadership and respect that should signal the end of the Bush Doctrine of “world policeman and Israeli surrogate.”

Netanyahu, the “Nixon” of his era, dim witted, delusional, self-obsessed, has a window of opportunity.
Little does he realize he has created a legacy for himself, for Israel as “rogue,” or as Jeff Gates puts it, a “Criminal State” led by the inheritor of the mantle of Arnold Rothstein and Meyer Lansky, perhaps even Sheldon Adelson?

The choices are simple, either a “change of heart” or a slide into oblivion.

Today made it clear.

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