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Sharon the Butcher is dead

by Marivel Guzman

On Jan 11, 2014 Sharon the Butcher died at age 86. He does not need many introductions, he was a criminal and one of the master-minder of the biggest genocide in modern history. He planned and consumed many of the massacres to annihilate the Palestinians and to displaced from their land. But probably the better known massacre he is known for is Sabra and Shatilla where 3500  Palestinians were massacred.
For years leaders had entertained themselves with the Palestinian-Israel conflict as if this was a problem for Israel only and not for the real victims. Palestinians have been killed, displaced, incarcerated, tormented both physically and mentally for almost 100 years and everyone only talks about Israel rights to exist, and Israel security. Palestinians are the second actors in the public rhetoric of leaders and media. Now finally people is knowing the truth about the conflict, now with internet spreading news faster than censor can take place and with facebook, and other social media platforms every is knowing the conflict first hand, being thru photos or thru friends in Palestine.

Take history in your hands and be part of history writing, the truth is out is up to us to do something. BDS (boycott and disinvestment sanctions) is the best way to take part in history making and to bring justice to Palestinians.

It’s happening, to all the detractors of BDS, Feeling the heat? You should, Israel is hot right now after the US and UK were forced to boycott South Africa Apartheid entity out of shame and pressure from the world, It took only three years for SA to be dismantled.
BDS all the way. By the way Ariel Sharon the Butcher is dead.

Sharon was not a great leader. A leader does not take his “nation” to its own destruction;Sharon did a very good job to ensure the world was ashame to support a bunch of lunatics, and psychopaths, sending Israel to its own destruction.
We the world United are helping to bring sanity back to the world. BDS non violent movement is bringing those crazies down to its knees, right where it hurt; money and PR, the only thing that have kept apartheid  Israel entity up and running.
Bye Sharon, Cheers Palestine.

Peace activist showing victory for Palestine sign. And wearing the traditional Palestinian keffiyeh

Peace activist showing victory for Palestine sign. And wearing the traditional Palestinian keffiyeh

One peace activist of the millions around the world pushing for BDS against Israel and academic boycott.
The world just rid itself of one the worst criminals that ever walk earth; he was guilty of crimes against humanity. Sharon is the architect of Israel destruction, the crimes committed under his watch and by his hands are all recorded. He did not personally paid for his crimes but thanks to his legacy of criminality Israel soon will see its names only in history books.
Thanks Sharon¡ Bye Sharon!
Viva Free Palestine

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