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Pope in an unexpected move prays at Bethlehem Separation Wall


Pope Francis prays at the Separation wall in Bethlehem in Palestine, May 25, 2014. A Palestinian girl is seen holding a Palestinian flag next to the pope. (photo/associated press)

For Palestine, things are changing, in recent months the Boycott, Divest and Sanction against Israel had put Palestine on the map of the public opinion again, but the unexpected move yesterday by Pope Francis to stop the car and pray by the Bethlehem apartheid wall that divides Palestinians from their families and sometimes from their own backyards and fields, this is unprecedented move. This is a political statement that won’t go unnoticed by world leaders.

The spot of wall where he stopped to pray shows graffiti lettering stating, “Bethlehem look like WarsawGheto,”

Usually we see in the media photos of celebrities praying by the Wailing Wall or Kotel wall as it is universally known, sending a statement of support for Israel, but for Pope Francis with the eyes of the world on him, where photographers from around the world are recording the Pope on every move he does, this is what he  is going to be known in the future. This is a strong statement that he sent to the world leaders.  praying by the separation wall.

The Wall was ruled illegal by the International Court of Justice on July 9, 2004, in its Press Release the court expressly is concerned with Israel annexation of Palestinians Territories and exhort world power and the United Nations to pressure Israel to stop the construction of the wall.

In regard to the former, the Court finds that Israel must respect the right of the Palestinian people to self‑determination and its obligations under humanitarian law and human rights law.  Israel must also put an end to the violation of its international obligations flowing from the construction of the wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and must accordingly cease forthwith the works of construction of the wall, dismantle forthwith those parts of that structure situated within the Occupied Palestinian Territory and forthwith repeal or render ineffective all legislative and regulatory acts adopted with a view to construction of the wall and establishment of its associated régime, except in so far as such acts may continue to be relevant for compliance by Israel with its obligations in regard to reparation.  Israel must further make reparation for all damage suffered by all natural or legal persons affected by the wall’s construction.” International Court of Justice, Julio 9, 2004



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