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Where to run, where to hide; UNRWA school used for shelter shell by Israel kills 15

By Marivel Guzman

The civilian population in Gaza has been forced to seek refugee in hospitals, mosques, and United Nations Relief and Works Agency schools, which have been targeted by Israel tanks in the last three days, says the agency.
Israel is sending text messages to household mobile numbers ordering to evacuate their homes, before the people have a chance to leave their homes the missiles kill them, thousands have managed to get out at time but almost 800 have not been very lucky.

The Gaza health ministry has confirmed the deaths of 779 Palestinians so far in the besieged strip since Israel began its relentless assault on July 8. Among those killed, at least 172 were aged 18 or younger.

The latest massacre was in an Israeli bombing of an UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun.

Forty-four families have been massacred in Gaza in the past 16 days, according to ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra.

100,000 displaced were the last number published in their web side, in one of their twitts, it read ‘There is literally no place safe for civilians’, said UN OCHA Spokesperson, Jens Laerke

There is literally no safe place for civilians in Gaza, says,  iUNRWA's twitter

There is literally no safe place for civilians in Gaza, says, iUNRWA’s twitter

At approximately 7 a:m this morning I received a message from a friend from Gaza, Prof Said Abdelwahed with the news of the destruction of a building of four floors in his neighborhood, he said, that two hours ago, that in his neighborhood, Israeli drones and F16 demolished a 4 story building.
” Casualties rise up dramatically, he said.
Its mid-day and 52 have already been reported killed,  24 July 2014.  Thousands of displaced Palestinians stay at UNRWA schools. One school in north of Gaza in Beit Hanoun village has been targeted minutes ago, Abdelwahed said.  First reports mentioned 10 people killed. Reports mentioned that 4 artillery rockets have fallen in the yard of UNRWA school killing 10 and injuring around 150 people. This is beyond the capacity of the ambulances available and the small hospital in the area, he said.

The last twitter from UNRWA read six hours ago, the number of victims conflicts with the news coming from Gaza,

Rosa Schiano, an Italian journalist and activist is being reporting every minute from Gaza since the Israel assault started 18 days ago, said in her twitter, “16 killed, More than 80 injured in the recent targeting of UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun.

She also twitts a message from Gaza witness.
“”By God, there was not a single fighter, not a single shot was fired from the school. Why did they shoot at the school? – witness”

“Update MOH: A 17 year old boy, Doaa Raed Abu Odeh, who died from injuries sustained in the bombing of the UNRWA school” latest update



Gaza is a open prison and for the last 18 days an open cemetery, many of the neighborhood that had been flatten by the IDF is being closed for ambulances, the bodies are under the rubble and the injure left to die on their destroyed homes.


“You obliterate … whole families, and then you come and say this is self-defense?” Hanan Ashwari on last Sunday in a live interview with ABC,

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