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Manipulation of Data

By Marivel Guzman
Note how the CDC adjusted the percentage markers for the graphic of inpatient bed occupancy.

On July 03, at 3:15 pm, I downloaded the graphic for intpacient bed occupancy by states from the CDC website.
At 3:15 pm on a Thursday, the markers were: 0 to 4.9 %, 5 to 9.9 %, 10 to 14.9 %, 15 to 19.99 %, 20 to 24.9 %, 25 or more %.

Today after that data was published, the CDC changed the markers to make the inpatient bed occupancy more dramatic. Note, that the date still reads July 03.

The more purple the states look in the graphic, the more fear they send.

New markers are: 0 to 39.9 %, 40 to 49.9 %, 50 to 59.9%, 60 to 69.9 %, 70 or more %.
Arizona went from 25 percent occupancy to 70 or more.

As new testing are being conducted nationwide, more SARS-CoV-2 cases are shown positive, but the sick people with COVID-19 declined dramatically, and consequently the death rate took its low place in the statistics models, if they are honestly reporting the data at hand.

The CDC changed the markers. For the untrained eyes like majority of Facebook users, who use Facebook as a medium for information, the change goes unnoticed. They see the colored graphic and their hormone levels of fear goes hotwire.

Mainstream media changed their headlines to cases. They left the “deaths” numbers behind, because they are not impactfull enough to bring readers to their digital outlets.

Why does the CDC insist in spreading fear?
The two graphics attached can explain why the states in the US now show dramatic purple color.

Having 0 to 39.9 percent as the lowest marker, it is in itself very misleading. If we read the data provided by the CDC, a state with 1000 beds capacity can have from zero to 49.9 percent (New altered data, as previously state from 0 to 4.9 percent.) These numbers can be taken as zero patients, or 499 patients.

I did a quatitative analysis based for Arizona, the state with more inpatient COVID-19 occupied beds. has 16,000 licensed inpatient hospital beds. That is only 1.9 per every 1000 patients. According to the US Census Bureau, Arizona population is
7.279 million (2019. )

Going back to the graphics above. On July 03, before the markers were changed, Arizona could have had from zero to 784 in COVID-19 patients. The data is so vague, that you dont get a clear picture.

Now, after the CDC changed the parameters to assest the inpatient bed occupancy. The new numbers changed from zero to 11,200 patients.
Did you see how numbers are manipulated to keep the hype.
Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans.

CDC data
CDC in-bed data

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