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You wonder why cancer is prevalent in the world

By Marivel Guzman

July 08

Specially pediatric cancer. Scientists please double check the time when vaccines started to be mandatory in children.
An oncogene is a gene that has the potential to cause cancer. Oncogenes are important ingredients in vaccines. In some cases cell lines that are used in the production of vaccines “might” be tumorigenic, that is, they form tumors when injected into rodents. “Investigating Viruses in Cells Used to Make Vaccines; and Evaluating the Potential Threat Posed by Transmission of Viruses to humans, ” FDA(dot) gov
In tumor cells, these genes are often mutated or expressed at high levels. Most normal cells will undergo a programmed form of rapid cell death apoptosis when critical functions are altered and malfunctioning. Activated oncogenes can cause those cells designated for apoptosis to survive and proliferate instead.
After years on cancer research and billions of dollars invested in the cancer industry scientists still cannot find the cause of cancer. They need to study the reason why cancer skyrocket after vaccines started being an integral part of humans via mandatory decrees.
Yes, there are other many causes for cancer, pesticides like Roundup, carcinogens agents in gasoline fumes,
even unattended contaminants used to desinfect our water like trihalomethanes, (formed when chlorine or bromine interacts with the natural organic materials found in water.) “Disinfection By-Products (Trihalomethanes)” CDC(dot)gov
Even bleached products like your bleached flour, rice, salt.
The difference in many products in the market including gasoline is that they are not forced “into” you body like vaccines are.
There was a time in history when vaccines and medicine were introduced in society, they were given as a gift-Polio and Insuline’s patents sold for one dollar to universities by their inventors to serve a social cause. But those times are gone, universities betrayed those inventors and sold them [patents] to merchants, who converted them into a trade commodity.
And people will rgue that money is necessary for the production of vaccines. Yes, that is indeed, but produced under a social medicine model where governments take in consideration the use of safe vaccines vs mass produced vaccine that uses short cuts that undermine the long term individual’s wellbeing.
The health of the population is a government duty, it shouldn’t be put in the hands of merchants.
If wars can be 100 percent subsidized by governments, so health can be.

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