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Christian Zionists inside Syria

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Christian Zionists is a CIA tool to Penetrate Syrian churches

by Mohammad Said

Pat Robertson from the 700 Club
Influential man working for Israel
Interests. Funding dissent and corruption

Journalist’s sources from the Washington DC confirmed the fact that CIA which is involved in the Syrian swamp, has actually began using Christian Zionists missionaries like Pat Robertson and famous Graham Bell foundation (Both known to be pro Israel and anti Arab world) in order to infiltrate into Syrian ministers and Cathedrals especially the ones known to be Pro Syrian administration and declared publically opposing the radical Wahhabi revaluation with known Al Qaeda mythology.

This process CIA began by using large amounts of money and providing visas to those of Syrian Christians who wishes to leave the state, not to mention a massive media campaign aiming to distort the reputations of these Cathedrals and those who are running it.
Christians in Syria have formed strong front against Al Qaeda fighters and those organizations affiliated with Al Qaeda like Al Nusra front, especially in Aleppo after seeing what those insurgents have done to their houses, churches and cathedrals in Aleppo, Qusair town of Homs and many other places around Syria, not to mention what they have done to Muslims Sunni who are known to be Pro Syrian Administration.
Those Christian Zionists missionaries run by Pat Robertson and Frank Bell (Son of Graham Bell) uses unidentified small offices, civil groups, and local libraries as operating sites, pumping large amounts of money in exchange of changing beliefs, in other words; buying locals faith and belief.
These missionaries operate in secrecy due to the fact that it promotes for Israel as Zionist state and consider the Israeli interest is top priority, not to mention that American intelligence leakages show that cooperation between these missionaries and US – Israeli intelligence services.
Documents obtained by journalist’s sources in Washington reveal that a joint operation was lunched between missionary’s personnel in Syria, Lebanon and CIA operatives to utilize all resources for all missionaries in the region especially the ones in Egypt (which exceeds 400 secret ones, Plymouth church known to be one of them in Alexandria) and in Syria, a man – Rober Salloum – living in Canada.
The first step of this joint operation initiated by assigning two CIA operatives with Syrian nationalities to establish a civil organization on Syrian soil presents itself as the defender for the Syrian Christians especially the one who might be able opposition for the Syrian administration prefacing to be the voice for the Christian opposition in Syria aiming to neutral the Christian clergy known to be pro Syrian admin prefacing to take off them of the picture.
Yet; Those Christian clergy position is in the view of the actions and accusations Syrian Christians had regardless of their political background, not to begin with destroying the oldest churches in the history of humankind in Homs going through killing women and men and the charge is being Christian.
Those gangs are receiving the support of Christian Zionist missionaries claiming they are freedom fighters, and all Christians in Syria must declare their support to those killers even if they are going to pay their lives for it.
These are the American plans for the Middle East regardless of the Christians best interest in Syria and Lebanon.
It’s known that Pat Robertson has established an Arabic language TV station in Cyprus run by what was known to be Lahd army in southern Lebanon, then later on, a man close to General Antoine Lahd – Israeli spy and Army commanding – who run away upon the Israeli defeated in Southern Lebanon back in 2000.
Robertson has repeatedly made speeches in several occasions in Herzliya conference for the Israeli’s best interest, and the best things to do to secure Israel future.
His foundations receive massive money funding from the Israeli lobby around the world and in his return, he is funding thousands of missionaries in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria and Syria.
His main operation was the continues attempt to buy the barbarians faith in Iraq as well as in Palestine where thousands of Palestinian were paid money to perform tasks for these missionaries, Mosa’ab Hasan Yousef the son of the Hamas Leader.
Not to mention that Morris Sadeq the main financial for the notorious abusive movie for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was receiving funds from Robertson.
The funder for this notorious movie is the same founder for hundreds of anti-Islamic campaigns and thousands of missionaries in Middle East aiming to be a tool used when needed – Like the Syrian scenario –
Many documents leaked regarding this subject from Washington, and what we can consider credible indicated for the following operative organizations
Establishing a foundation in Lebanon run by Pierre Aql – who also run a website called transparent Middle East and former employee at the Middle East TV station known with close ties to the Israelis – and the funds of this foundation come directly from Pat Robertson organization.
The Syrian link for this foundation is local man – Ayman Abdul Nour – living in Dubai, and the foundation called “Syrian Christians for Democracy” and aiming to infiltrate among Christians in Syria in an attempt to change their position regarding the current unrest.
Documents reveal that there are steps to be followed by this foundation in order to achieve their goal as follows:
First: Joining efforts for all undercover operatives in Syrian Cathedrals in order to Forced neutralizing Christian clergy who opposes Al Qaeda and Wahhabi fighters, using Syrians living abroad to establish connections with Churches on Syrian soil.
Promoting radical ideas about Christian Zionists including considering the POP and the church clergy as men of devil on earth
Second: Introducing themselves as the one and only repetitive of the Christians in Syria enabling them to give the world an idea that all Syrian Christians are all against Syrian Administration.
Third: Defamation of Christians Bishops in Syria and threaten them with distorting facts about them in order to force them to change their position.
Syrian Bishop Luqa was one of the victims of such campaigns where he was a targeted by Ayman Abdul Al Nour using his website and his TV interviews.

Christian Zionist is another version of Al Qaeda, where they refuse any Christian who doesn’t believe in Israel as first priority.

Night in Damascus-Maya Naser

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Damascus, Syria July 02, 2012
Maya Naser wrote:

Maya Nasser killed by sniper fire
covering events in Damascus,Syria
September 26, 2012

Little bit after midnight, me looking out from the window of my bedroom inside  Damascus city, watching a full sky moon and listening to the sounds of the army shelling rebels sites in outskirts, asking myself; is this real? Is this fire I can barely see is someone’s house burning, or maybe neighborhood store? Is this my country on fire?Then for a moment I convince myself, I am just dreaming and my day is going to be busy one, I better go sleep, I ought to wake up in few hours to go my work, multiple meetings are waiting ahead, then a lunch with my beloved girlfriend, afterward I have gathering with my best friend to discuss his wedding details. Basically; in few hours I have to get up to have another hard day of life? Who said life should be easy anyway!!!Then I snap out of this sweet dream, just to remember, I lost my job! That friend of mine had been killed few weeks ago; his body was sent to his fiancé in a black bag! We didn’t know why he was slaughtered; we didn’t understand what his fault was! He was a doctor serving patients, never been into politics, but sure never been pro Assad, amid all this, the reality hit me, he was minority and the years his father spent at prison for being opposition for the current system didn’t grant my friend any mercy, his ethnic roots were stronger to be noticed than his family position of this system! And yes this is my country, and this fire is at someone’s place, someone I might never know but that doesn’t mean he never existed!!!

Killings and counter killings became a regular day of our lives in Syria; some believes they have the right to kill because their god ordered them to do so! Some others believe its okay because they are trying to create better Syria so why not generate total chaos and begin from there. Most of them don’t care, they kill because they want to topple a president, blaming him in person for all the problems the state is going through, so why not killing his sect members, his army soldiers, his government officials, all their families – if possible – and everyone opposes their opinion!

In return those who believes Syria was in better state before the Arab Spring hits it, think themselves as a target, not only their opinions rather than their entity and their existence, nevertheless this might be true. Why not? Bombs and bullets aren’t smart enough to distinguish the right from the wrong, can’t determine whether this man deserves killing or not, and defiantly  not interested if this person is pro Assad or against, as long as this piece of kill will initiate retaliation, and create a chaos.
Bottom line is; my people are dying and I am still in the line waiting my turn.

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