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Why hasn’t President Obama Visited Morocco during his Presidency?

November 28, 2012 1 comment

Posted on November 29, 2012 by Akashma Online News


UPDATED by Marivel Guzman

Source Morocco News Board

Washington/Morocco News Board– Watching President Barack Obama’s visit to Myanmar two weeks ago, some Moroccans were left wondering if the White House fully appreciates their country’sclose alliance with the United States. Some in the Moroccan community in the United State have expressed dissatisfaction with their diplomatic mission in Washington’s tepid efforts to articulate, package and sell an “Obama visit to Morocco” campaign to the current  Administration House.

The successes of Morocco’s efforts in supporting Washington foreign and military policies at different echelons and fields are undeniable. From covert action in support of American intelligence operations to diplomatic assistance to push the American Agenda in North African and the Middle East, Rabat has been constantly and publicly on the side of the United States.

For several observers, the U.S.-Morocco alliance warrants an Obama visit. Rabat should not pay for Washington’s “terms of accommodation” with other nations in the Maghreb, especially if the regimes in question harbor anti-American sentiments. If the State Department bureaucrats keep playing the old-fashioned game of balance-of-power between Rabat and Algiers, the Moroccans should appeal to their natural allies in Washington to push for a clear recognition of their nations’ longstanding pro-American stands.

Relations between Morocco and Algeria “has been a decline since the 1995 terrorist attack in Morocco” and “since that day, there is a kind of climbing, then the inclination to recovery,” said Algerian Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci, saying “the future is based on the will of the people.” North Africa United

Given, the public and not so public, critical role Morocco continues playing on behalf of America in the Middle East and North Africa, a question arises:  Are the Moroccan officials in Washington actively and diligently pursuing efforts to get the Kingdom the
recognition it deserves in the United States?

Agadir Morocco US Naval Ship Pililaau Port

Unlike other countries in the region, Morocco is not shy about its military cooperation with the United States. The Moroccan Military has been training with all branches of the American Armed forces since the North African country’s independence. The domestic press and public view such cooperation as a plus for the Royal Armed Forces that are in a semi-war state with their neighbor.  If some media organs in the region hide the presence of Americans on their soil, the Moroccan press hails the Pentagon assistance as a natural collaboration between two allies.

U.S. Government, Lockheed Martin Provide “Comprehensive Package”

The Royal Moroccan Air Force (RMAF) unveiled the first four of 24 Lockheed Martin F-16 aircraft in a ceremony Thursday at Ben Guerrir Air Base in Morocco. Senior representatives from the Moroccan and U.S. governments and air forces were present for the historic event. Aero New Network

The Moroccan authorities got in hot waters over their role in assisting American intelligences services after the 9/11 attacks. While weathering intense criticism from domestic and international human rights organizations over its alleged role in rendition operations, Rabat stood by Washington taking a public relations beating in the process.

If Moroccans lack critical energy resources, they remain trusted partners who deliver. Rabat never played the terrorism card as a way to gain favors from the West. While some countries in North Africa criticize Washington openly and tout their importance to the Europeans in private, the Kingdom has been forward in dealing with the Americans. Furthermore, it never utilized the “war in terror” as a bait to ask for a special treatment from Washington.

Morocco has one of the biggest Uranium Phosphates Mines in the world- Morocco holds 75 % of Uranium Phosphates reserves of 85 Billions Tons-On September 25, 2012 AREVA and EDF announce the signature of two contracts which make a significant contribution to securing the long-term supply of natural uranium to EDF nuclear facilities.Areva  These contracts thus further consolidate AREVA’s position as a key partner to acquired ServiTrade, a Mozambique-based construction equipment to mine Uranium. On November 12, 2012 Ameco adquired ServiTrade.

Cameco to buy Areva’s stake in Saskatchewan project:Cameco Corp., Canada’s largest uranium miner, said it agreed to buy Areva Resources Canada’s entire 27.94-per-cent stake in the northern Saskatchewan-based Millennium project for $150 million.

While some regimes have manipulated terror groups in North Africa and the Sahel to overstate their importance to the West, Moroccan special units have been offering unconditional and professional intelligence assistance to their American counterparts in the fight against terror and crime in the Sahel.

On foreign policy, Rabat has been a steadfast American ally in Mali, Libya, Syria and Iran. Morocco hosted several international conferences given the American agenda an Arab cover. Today, Morocco is actively supporting the Syrian revolution, helping implement the U.S. Iran containment strategy and pursing military aid to the new Libyan Armed Forces.

King Mohammed VI after conducting talks with his counterpart Jordanian King Abdullah II visited the Zaatari  camp where the Royal Moroccan army (FAR)have been deployed for monthswith a field hospital, to treat the wounded  from the ongoing civil war in Syria.

King inspected military installations and Moroccan medical personnel, visited the sick and injured, in the Moroccan hospital, which has treated tens of thousands of Syrian refugees since its establishment. North Africa United

An Obama visit will not only boost the Moroccan regime, it will encourage the social reformist movement in the country as well.  It will be a public relations gesture that recognizes Morocco’ recent reforms and advocate for further freedoms.

An Obama trip will not “endanger” American business interests in other countries in the Maghreb where such visit is impossible, as some reluctant American executives may argue; it will in fact push for further liberalization and transparency of the business world in North Africa.

For numerous Moroccan Americans, the payback has been hard to come by in the form of a Presidential visit. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has been a good friend and a steady ally on the question of the Western Sahara but an Obama trip to Rabat will highlights Morocco’s importance to the United States. A “Barack in Rabat” headline will be a true recognition of Morocco’s vital assistance on intelligence and military matters to U.S. operations in Europe, the Sahel and the Middle East.


Bury my heart at Gaza City

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Akashma Online News
By Hisham Elkoustaf

Morocco World News

Orange County, California, Nov 21, 2012

This morning, as part of my quotidian perusal of international sources for honest journalism, I was intrigued by the following news headline, “America is with you.” I became very angry as I thought I was reading a statement from US Congress expressing solidarity with its Israeli masters. The language was actually a direct quote from President Obama during his speech at the University of Yangon in Myanmar (formerly Burma), where he encouraged Myanmar to continue the transition to democracy. Wait a second. Is this the same Myanmar that just a few weeks ago slaughtered thousands in Rohingya?

At a time when Palestinian civilians are being massacred by the Israeli military, President Obama and his Secretary of State were busy visiting Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia as part of America’s effort to exert greater influence in the Asia-Pacific region. As American-made weapons continued to destroy Gaza, President Obama added insult to injury when he boasted about the merits of American-style democracy, stating “It’s worked for us for over 200 years now, and I think it’s going to work for Thailand and it’s going to work for this entire region. And the alternative, I think, is a false hope that, over time, I think erodes and collapses under the weight of people whose aspirations are not being met.”

One thing that cannot be denied about President Obama is that he is a fantastic orator. But how could he utter such beautiful words in defense of democracy when he continues to bless Israel’s denial of the aspirations of Palestinians? How could he pay lip service to democracy when he insists on rejecting the will of the people in Gaza?

As President Obama continues to be missing in action, at a time when we need his strong and balanced leadership, America’s corporate media, which masquerades as a legitimate news outlet, is regrettably saturated with right-wing pro Israeli extremists who regurgitate the same false narrative: Israel is simply defending herself against Palestinian aggression. Are we to believe that Palestinian children, dug up from the rubble of homes destroyed by on-going Israeli air strikes, are aggressors? Are we to accept that eight members of the Dalou family, including four children aged between one and seven, killed when an Israeli missile struck their home, are “terrorists”? Are we to accept that this is a “war” and that the Israeli military is acting according to internationally accepted norms of “warfare”?

So in the absence of honest American journalism, and as a challenge to the arguments of the right-wing pro Israel sycophants, let us examine just two examples of the heinous record of the criminal, bloodthirsty and savage Israeli army as it continues to murder defenseless Palestinian civilians. According to indisputable evidence found by an Amnesty International fact-finding team, during the 2009 slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, the Israeli army used, inter alia, white phosphorus, a weapon with a highly incendiary effect, in densely populated civilian residential areas of Gaza City. When white phosphorus lands on skin it burns deeply through muscle and into the bone, continuing to burn until deprived of oxygen. And the Israeli military does not discriminate when it comes to civilian targets. The 2009 naked aggression against Palestinian civilians included dropping a white phosphorus shell in the al-Quds hospital in Gaza City, causing a fire that forced hospital staff to evacuate the patients.

According to Global Research, a center for research on globalization, during Israel’s vicious assault on Lebanon in July 2006, the UN estimated that Israel used massive amounts of cluster bombs and rained down around four million bomblets – most US-supplied – onto south Lebanon when a ceasefire had already been agreed. De-miners clearing Israeli-dropped cluster bombs in south Lebanon turned up an average of 10 new sites per month. A single cluster bomb can disperse hundreds of bomblets.

More shocking was Israel’s refusal to provide data that would assist clearing the estimated one million unexploded bomblets, which continue to kill and maim civilians and decimate rural livelihoods. Dalya Farran, a spokeswoman for the UN Mine Action Coordination Centre for South Lebanon stated that all the weapons systems are computerized and grid references are entered before the bombs drop. Yet the shameless and arrogant Israeli military continues to deny the UN any information on the cluster bomb strike data arguing that the cluster munitions were fired at open and uninhabited areas in which no civilians were present. Sadly, around one million of the bomblets failed to explode on impact, leaving roads, schools, homes and fields littered with lethal explosives that detonate when touched, making them a danger similar to anti-personnel mines.

So as Israeli war planes continue their cowardly destruction of Gaza, the jury is still out on what sort of American tax-payer funded weaponry is being used on civilians. And as Palestinians continue to dig up bodies of women, men and children, President Obama maintains America’s modus operandi when it comes to policy on Israel: “do what you have to do and we got your back”. With powerful enablers such as America, the cowardly Israeli military has and will always enjoy complete impunity for its inhumane crimes.

This Thursday, millions of Americans unknowingly commemorate the Native American peoples’ genocide through massacres, forced relocations and years of warfare waged by the United States federal government. As part of a White House tradition, President Obama is scheduled to pardon one of two 19-week-old, Virginia-raised, 40-pound male turkeys, otherwise known as toms, or gobblers. If only the President was as committed to saving the lives of Palestinians as he is in saving fowl.

Hisham Elkoustaf is an attorney with over a decade of experience at the intersection of law, policy and international development. Hisham earned his B.A. in Political Science, Cum Laude, from Columbia University. He received an M.A. in International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University. He earned his J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is a member of  Morocco World News’ editorial team.

Rohingya Villages Under Attack in Arakan

October 31, 2012 1 comment

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Published on,  October 30, 2012 12:32
Kalaban Press Network

Rohingya Culture-Kaladan News Photo Credit

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Thousands of Rakhine mobs led by Rakhine ruling political party – Rakhine Nationalities Development Party-(RNDP) had restarted mass attacking, burning and destruction of Muslims villages and houses, in Minbya, Mrauk Oo, Kyaukpru, Pauktaw, Ratheydaung, Myebone, and Kyauktaw Townships since October 21, 2012, according to joint statement of 11 national and international Rohingya organizations.

“This was the second time of genocide and persecutions of Muslims in Arakan in 2012 by the RNDP led Rakhine people with the direct help and strong involvement of the Burmese Government security forces of President Thein Sein from both central and Rakhine State Government.”

Thousands of Rakhine mobs surrounding the Kyauk Nimaw village of Manaung Township, Arakan State, for torching the houses and killing the Rohinya villagers even though the international pressure to the Burmese government, regarding the violence in Arakan State today morning at about 10:00 am, according to villagers from the locality.

“The Rakhine mobs tried early morning at about 5:00am to attack and set on fire the village – Kyauk Nimaw -, failed as the army stayed between two communities to protect the village. The Rakhines again gather at Thayoung Byine and Magyi Gone Rakhine village to attack the village at 10:00am where the army shot to the sky for not advancing and killed 5 Rakhines while the Rakhines forced them to fire on them.”

“More than 10,000 Rakhines gather near the Kyauk Nimaw village from other village which was supported by Taungup businessman U KyaukTaung for Rakhines travel cost to joint.”

“In Kyauk Nimaw, there are around 6,000 people – Male, female and children – are not able to protect their lives and no foods security for them if they are surrounded like this more.”

“Please, inform to the international community to save us and need your help to protect our village,” said a woman from Kyauk Nimaw.

The Rakhine mob is marching to the  Rohingya villages with four lines such as— children are in the front line, then the women are on the second line, on the third line are Rakhine men and the last line are Buddhist monks, according to a reliable source.

But the security forces—-police and army are firing bullets into air to disperse the mob. However, we do not now the situation till writing the report.

Similarly, the Rakhine monks sent letters to Rohingya village- Sentaymaw village under PauktawTownship- as threaten, to leave the village which they ( Rakhines) want to touch the village to show less killing  to the international community who are protesting the killing of Rohingya community in Arakan, said a villager from Pauktaw.

“Beginning from the month of October 21, 2012, at least fourteen villages were burnt down and thousands of people killed. Hundreds of Muslim girls and women were raped by the Burmese security forces and Rakhine extremists during attacking the Muslims in those townships. The Burmese Government officials and Security forces did nothing to prevent and stop these mass killings and attacks. President Thein Sein led Burmese Government had claimed that Arakan State is in normal situation but, in reality the situation has become more worsened day after day. These atrocities and mass killings were being committed under the open eyes of the Burmese security forces involving the Police, Lun Htein, and Army. Available reports confirmed that Buddhist Rakhine people led by RNDP President Dr. Aye Maung and Rakhine State Prime Minister Hla Maung Tin are trying to spread this violence across the whole Muslims residing areas of all Townships in Arakan,” the joint press release of 11 Rohingya Organizations stated on recent situation of Arakan state Muslims.

We, the organizations are- Odhikar, Bangladesh; Human Security Alliance, Thailand and Asian Muslim Action Network, Thailand- deeply concerned at the recent reports in the international media that scores of Rohingyas were killed in the fresh outbreak of violence in the northern Arakan state. We are also alarmed by the reports that hundreds of Rohinyga homes were burnt by a vengeful Rakhine community, that in turn has led to the displacement of thousands of people. This is in addition to the 75,000 people who are still languishing in overcrowded camps set up by the Myanmar authorities with very little basic amenities. Observers have noted that the recent outbreak of violence against the Rohinygas is in line with the long-term plan of the  Rakhine community to eliminate Rohingyas from all the townships where they are a minority. We, the three organizations notes that the local Burmese authorities in connivance with the central government is pursuing a policy of apartheid under which tens of thousands of Rohinygas are housed in camps beyond the city limits under barbed wire fencing with armed guards placed at the entrances, according to press release “International support needed to protect Rohingyas from persecution.”

More News…..

Urgent collective international action needed to protect the Rohingya – We express our serious concern that the most brutal violence is now reoccurring in Arakan; and we strongly condemn the ongoing mass killing, burning and destruction of Muslim villages and rape of their women.

Rohingya Humanitarian Mission – Hundreds from the Rohingya refugee community turned up to support a humanitarian mission by the Putera 1Malaysia Club to help their ethnic group. They were led by chairman of the Union of World Rohingya Organisation, Rashed Osman.

Muslim killings in Burma and the Social Media – Misleading pictures of Buddhist Monks killing Muslims.

Rohingya humanitarian mission returned safely Prince Club

October 29, 2012 1 comment

Posted on October 21, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Translated by Google

Hundreds from the Rohingya refugee community turned up to support a humanitarian mission by the Putera 1Malaysia Club to help their ethnic group. They were led by chairman of the Union of World Rohingya Organisation, Rashed Osman.


Club volunteers entourage Putra 1 Malaysia (KP1M) safely returned home Thursday night after performing humanitarian mission to help the Rohingya in the restive region around Sittwe in Myanmar.

They arrive at LCCT, Sepang from Yangon 11 night from the mission where they have helped many discordant addictive than 580 tons of the people of Malaysia.


While there they visited eight camps and two villages.

Speaking to journalists on arrival KP1M president Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim grateful mission went smoothly with the result of close kerjasaam given by the Government of Myanmar.


“We have about 56 volunteers who go in groups until the earliest and the last group, all have returned safely at night,” he said.

Azeez said obviously Rohingya people in Myanmar are in need of help and they are very grateful to the contributions from the people of Malaysia.


He said there also trigger mood awareness and gratitude among the volunteers how they can live in peace with Malaysia.-11/10/2012 – BY MOHAMED HIEKAL


Sad and melancholy in the Rohingya refugee camps


Eyes heavy … heavier shoulder memikul.Suasananya was wistful and sad when Putra 1Malaysia Club humanitarian mission (KP1M) arrived in the Rohingya refugee camps not far from the city of Sittwe pm Monday.

Face reflected in the hundreds of thanksgiving Muslim Rohingya refugees in camps and camp Thekebyin Dhu Baw Baw Village Pa and Pha Dhu when 100 tons of food aid delivered.


They immediately swarmed the aid delegation led by President KP1M, Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.


MV Wan Shwe Thu carry 500 tons of food and needs brought from Malaysia docked at the Port of Sittwe 1 pm Myanmar time.

Most interesting Rakhine Chief Minister U Hla Maung current team participated in the camp presented Thekebyin assistance.

This is recognition of the efforts KP1M mission.


Azeez rate this as a sign of closer ties between Malaysia and Myanmar.

Earlier in the morning, in close consultation was held by the authorities Rakhine Azeez affair deliver aid.

At Tuesday’s mission will continue to channel aid to the refugee camps, including those occupied by Buddhists. – 10.08.2012 – BY MOHAMED MOHD Hilmi HIEKAL JOHNSON










Latest pictures of Prince Club mission Rohingya in Myanmar

So far it seems all went well in managing humanitarian missions Prince Club 1 Malaysia (KP1M) to help the suffering of the Rohingya community in Myanmar.

The main mission of the delegation headed by Datuk Azeez Abdul Rahim, who arrived in Yangon Saturday night on Sunday afternoon departure to the city of Sittwe local commercial boarding kilomiter 495 distance across the restive province.


Journalist Mohamed Hiekal Agendadaily accompanied by photographer Hilmi Mohd Jaafar reports the arrival Azeez and his entourage were greeted by the Chief Minister of Rakhine, Hla Maung Tin at the airport itself.

Their entourage were joined by Myanmar Border Affairs Minister, Major General Zaw Winn and Malaysia’s ambassador to Myanmar, Dr Ahmad Faisal Muhamad.


Having to hotel accommodation, caravans accompanied by Azeez, Chief Minister of Rakhine and Myanmar border affairs minister, Ambassador of Malaysia, Malaysia Buddhist Monk Chief Datuk K. Sri Dhammarathana from Malaysia and eight media representatives from Malaysia go to Temple Lawka Nandar.


In the largest temple in Sittwe district they have an audience with the Buddhist monks Sittwe district, Badanda Pentita.

The purpose of this meeting is to inform about the purpose of humanitarian aid missions Prince 1Malaysia Club.


Chief Buddhist Monk Malaysia told me that Malaysia is a multiracial country rife and living in a harmony in the spirit of unity.

Representative of this group is also visited this temple afterwards. The temples are grateful for the presence of this mission.


Tomorrow, Monday, the mission will begin work attributable bantuan.Mengikut assistance plan will be distributed to the two Muslim Rohingya refugee camp and two refugee camps inhabited by those who are Buddhists.

Relatively slow internet connection while limited communication links in Sittwe.


The atmosphere around town was calm.

Yet Myanmar army looks roadblocks in some areas.


The curfew was imposed from 6 pm to 7 am. – 07.10.2012 – BY MOHAMED HIEKAL

Myanmar’s military will Rohingya humanitarian mission accompanied Prince Club


Myanmar troops will accompany the Rohingya Humanitarian Aid Prince  Club Malaysia (KP1M) to ensure the safety of this group while in the camps later.

Journalist Mohamed Hiekal Agenda daily who arrived in Yangon Saturday night with the main group of 31 people led KPIM Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim told they will leave the largest city that is Sittwe in Arakan Rohingya area this afternoon (Sunday).

Joining him is photographer Agenda daily Hiekal Hilmi Mohd Jaafar.

Entourage will board a local flight service.

Before the arrival of the airport in Yangon from Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia’s aircraft did not face any problems.


The local media came to cover the delegation arrived and interviewed Azeez.

Immigration process went smoothly and the airport has provided special access to members of the mission.

Seurus arrived all they brought to the bus bus to the Malaysian Embassy in Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road.

There, they were greeted by the Ambassador of Malaysia, Dr Faizal Mohammed. The members of the media specifically briefed on the situation when going to work in the refugee camps in the future. Azeez also give a little speech afterwards.

The first group of 14 members respectively mission who arrived in Yangon earlier departed for Sittwe today (Saturday).


They led by Mohd Farid Hassan.

Most likely report on activities during the mission in Arakan sent quite complicated because internet access was slow and telecommunications systems terhad.-6/10/2012 – BY MOHAMED HIEKAL

Prince Team 1Malaysia Club humanitarian aid left for Myanmar


Humanitarian mission team Myanmar Prince 1Malaysia Club (KP1M) headed by Club president Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim left the country Saturday.

The team, which included 35 other consist of volunteers from different races and religions as well as media personnel depart from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang about 5pm.

According to Abdul Azeez, Burma is the 27th country visited KP1M in humanitarian aid missions and it is considered one of the countries that are difficult to access.

However, they finally got permission assisted in after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on the close relationship between the two countries, he told reporters before departing.

The group released Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.


About 500 metric tons of food aid, medical and other relevant materials brought into the country using 40 containers by ships.

Azeez said KP1M humanitarian mission to Syria next is expected on 19 October

Humanitarian mission also includes singer Datuk Irwan Shah Abdullah or DJ Dave representing Artists Foundation 1Malaysia first time the mission help out negara.-6/10/2012

Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media

Published on August 15, 2012 by Akashma Online News

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Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media

Muslims Slaughter by Buddhist Debunked – Fake Pictures exposed

Faraz Ahmed July 14, 2012 328

Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

In now a days people are posting pictures with captions like Muslims killing in burma, Muslims slaughted by Buddhists in Burma..

I have search reality of few pics and found following:

A picture shared on facebook:

602535 335682046513473 517563933 n Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

I have found original version here:

This picture was taken in 2010 regarding Earthquake in China and tibetians community help and rescue in China. Now Islamic political parties and some other elements are sharing this image as Muslims killing / slaughter in Burma.

tibet orig Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

A view of another  widely spreaded  picture with caption of “More then 1000 people killed in Burma” which also has a fake caption.

575850 422729151098985 1400558517 n Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

Original Image and Website:

This picture is of year 2004 nearly 8 years old about riots in Thailand.

VOICE LIBERTY NATIONAL 093950 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

One more image is spreading on social media with logo of Jamat-e-Islami having caption “terrorists of Budhism of Burma kills 500 Muslims”

Terrorists of Budhism of Burma Kills 500 Muslims at the Beach today 753438 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

Well this image is also one of incident occur in Thiland (2nd January 2009)

A view of images shared in this article:

original image 286x1024 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

One more image spreaded on Social Media regarding Muslims Killing in Burma

fb image Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

This picture is also misleading original picture was from Riots in Thailand and taken in 2003:

fb origi Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

One more misleading image shared on facebook with caption “A Muslim was burned in Burma and Journalist are Taking pictures instead of saving him “

fb image02 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

The original image was taken when Chinese president visit India:

fb image02 origi 700x1024 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

By sharing all these doesn’t mean that Muslims aren’t killed in Burma but what I mean is we are sharing everything without verification and authenticity of image.

Added: 07-18-2012

I have found more more picture (07-18-2012)  so Iam sharing it here.

burma muslims Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

The real image was regarding 9/11 attacks and arrests of Tajikis and Uzbiks.

burma muslims orig Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties


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