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Israel attacks Gaza-Pillar of Cloud another one sided war

Posted on November 14, 2012 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

UPDATED Every day

Under the silence of the world leaders and the completely backing of UN and US, Israel started another genocide in Gaza.

Today in its seventh day of sky attacks, Israel had killed 7 people, and injured 20 many of them in very serious conditions. On the day of this article which it was the original date that Israel give to the world to start this one sided world, was in reality a continuation of attacks on the population and the infrastructure of Gaza. As this date Israel had already killed 7 Palestinians, besides the other 7 he has already assassinated by October 24, 2012.

Names of Palestinian martyrs killed in the ongoing Israeli bloody military aggression

Because we are NOT just numbers, keep following this post of the names  and ages of murdered people who fell victim during the past days of Israeli attacks on Gaza since Wednesday. The number rises to 143 and still rising 😦 I hope that this battle will cost us no more souls. However, nothing will depress us, no matter how much Israel escalates its inhumanity and crimes. We’ll remain ready to pay any price  for attaining of freedom and dignity. Every drop of your blood has just made our Palestinian soil smell more beautiful and precious and raised our determination to keep fighting for your justice and the just cause you paid your lives for. RIP.

1- Ahmad Al-Ja’bary, 52 years old.
2-Mohammed Al-hams, 28 years old.
3- Rinan Arafat, 7 years old.
4- Omar Al-Mashharawi, 11 moonths old.
5-Essam Abu-Alma’za, 20 years old.
6-Mohammed Al-qaseer, 20 years old.
7- Heba Al-Mashharawi, six-month pregnant, 19 years old.
8- Mahmoud Abu Sawawin, 65 years old.

9- Habis Hassan Mismih, 29 years old.
10- Wael Haidar Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.
11- Hehsam Mohammed Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.
12- Rani Hammad, 29 years old.
13- Khaled Abi Nasser, 27 year old.
14- Marwan Abu Al-Qumsan, 52 years old.
15- Walid Al-Abalda, 2 years old.
16- Hanin Tafesh, 10 months old.
17- Oday Jammal Nasser, 16 years old.
18- Fares Al-Basyouni, 11 years old.
19- Mohammed Sa’d Allah, 4 years old.
20- Ayman Abu Warda, 22 years old.
21- Tahrir Suliman, 20 years old.
22- Ismael Qandil, 24 years old.
23- younis Kamal Tafesh, 55 years old.
24- Mohammed Talal Suliman, 28 years old.
25- Amjad Mohammed Abu-Jalal, 32 years old.
26- Ziyad Farhan Abu-Jalal, 23 years old.
27- Ayman Mohammed Abu Jalal, 44 years old.
28- Hassan Salem Al-Heemla’, 27 years old.
29- Khaled Khalil Al-Shaer, 24 years old.
30- Ayman Rafeeq sleem, 26 years old.
31- Ahmad Abu Musamih, 32 years old.

At 8:20 am, as a result to an Israeli inhumane attack on Deel Al-Balah, central Gaza, three people were killed. The list of murdered victims goes longer>>>

32- Osama Musa Abdeljawad, 27 years old.
33- Ashraf Hassan Darwish, 22 years old.
34- Ali  Abdul HakimAl-Mana’ma, 20 years old

At 8:45 am_ 9:00 am, warplanes attacked several places including Rafah, Khan-Younis, and Tal Al-Sultan, southern Gaza, leaving three killed>>

35`- Mukhlis Edwan, 30 years old.
36- Mohammed Al-Loulhy, 24 years old.
37- Ahmad Al-Atrush, 22 years old.

In a series of attacks on several places on central Gaza at noon, two more people fell victim:

38- Abderrahman Al-Masri, 31 years old.

39- Awad  Hamdi Al-Nahhal, 23 years old.
40- Ali Hassan Iseed, 25 years old, killed in an attack on his motorbike in Deer Al-Balah, central Gaza, at 8:10 pm, Novebmer 17.

IOF attack another motorbike in Deer Al-Balah at 8:20 pm, leaving two more killed:
41- Mohammed Sabry Al’weedat, 25 years old.
42- Osama Yousif Al-Qadi, 26 years old.

In an attack on central Gaza, to the west of Al-Masdar area, at 9:10 pm, two more people people killed:
43- Ahmad Ben Saeed, 42 years old.
44- Hani Bre’m, 31 years old.

At 9:40 pm, Israel attacked Qdeih family’s house in west Khan-Younis, Southern Gaza and a woman got killed.
45- Samaher Qdeih, 28 years old.
46- Tamer Al-Hamry,  26 years old, died after being seriously injured in an attack on Deer Al-Balah.

On November 18, the fifth day of the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza:

Israeli warplanes shelled the house of Abu-Alfoul family in northern Gaza, killing two children and injuring at 13 at least, mostly children and women.

47- Gumana Salamah Abu Sufyan, 1 year old.

48- Tamer Salamah  Abu Sufyan, 3 years old.

An Israeli warplanes fired missiles at a house that belongs to the family of Abu Nuqira in Rafah killing one person:

49- Muhamed Abu Nuqira

An Israeli war plane fired a missile at a house in an agricultural land east of Bureij camp, in the Central Gaza Strip, killing one child and injuring 2 other children:

50- Eyad Abu Khusa, 18 months old.

Two people were killed, one of them a child, when an Israeli missile hit a beachfront refugee camp in Gaza City:

51- Tasneem Zuheir Al-Nahhal, 13 years old.

52- Ahmad Essam Al-Nahhal, 25 years old.

Medics also reported finding the body of woman under the rubble of a house in eastern Gaza City who had been killed in a strike earlier in the morning.

53- Nawal Abdelaal, 52 years old.

At 3:10 pm, November 18, Israel rocked a house belongs to Al-Dalou family in Sheikh-Redwan area, west Gaza, killing at least 10 people, including 4 women and 4 children.

54- Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, the father.
55- Ranin Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 5 years old.
56- Jamal Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 7 year old.
57- Yousef Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 10 years old.
58- Ibrahim Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 1 year old.
59- Jamal Al-Dalou, the grandfather.
60-  Sulafa Al Dalou, 46 years old
61- Samah Al-Dalou, 25 years old
62- Tahani Al-Dalou, 50 years old
63- Ameina Matar Al-Mzanner, 83 years old.
64- Abdallah Mohammed Al-Mzanner, 23 years old.

Soon after Al-Dalou massacre, 2 more were killed, a father and his son, in an attack on a car for water supply in northern Gaza.
65- Suheil Hamada, 53 years old.

66-Mo’men Suheil Hamada, 13 years old.

In an airstrike that targeted Nussairat camp after that two people were murdered and 10 at least got injured

67- Atiyya Mubarak, 55 years old.

68- Hussam Abu Shaweish, 35 years old.

69- Samy Al-Ghfeir, 22 years old, killed in an attack on Shijaiyya area, west Gaza.

70- Mohammed Bakr Al-Of, 24 years old, killed in an attack on Al-Yarmouk st. in Gaza city.

At 8:00 pm, November 18, the ministry of health in Gaza has reported that Israel has risen the death toll in Gaza to 69, including 20 children, 8 women, and 9 elderly people. Moreover, Over 660 person got injured since Wednesday, including 224 children, 113 women, and 50 elderly people.
At 10:00 pm, November 18, an Israeli warplane attacked a motorbike near the ministry of finance roundabout, west Gaza, killing a father and his son:
71- Ahmad Abu Amra, 42 years old.
72- Nabil Ahmad Abu Amra, 20 years old.
At 10:10 pm, November 18, an Israeli warplane rocked a house belong to Nasser family near Abu-Sharekh crossroad in northern Gaza, killing a child and his father.
73- Hussein Jalal Nasser, 8 years old.

74- Jalal Nasser

On November 19, the sixth day of the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza:

At 12:10 am,  an Israeli warplane attacked  Mahmoud Al-Hashash house in Rafah killing one woman.

75- Sabha Al-Hashash, 60 years old.

At 1:00 am,  an Israeli warplane rocked a car in Rafah killing two people:

76- Saif Al-Deen Sadeq

77- Ahmad Hussein Al-Agha.

78- Emad Abu Hamda, 30 years old, killed after being seriously injured in as a drone fired a rocket at Beach camp, west Gaza.

79- Mohammed Jindiyya, mentally disabled, killed in an attack on Helles roundabout in Shijaiyya, west Gaza.

At 4:10 am, Israel committed another atrocious crime shelling a house belong to Azzam family that is full of children. 3 people were killed in this attack and at least 40 injured. Medics said that more than 15 children have arrived Shifaa hospital, three of them are in a very critical condition.

80- Mohammed Iyad Abu Zour, 4 years old.

81- Nisma Abu Zour, 19 years old.

82-Sahar Abu Zour

83- Ahed Al-Qattaty, 38 years old.

84- Al-Abd Mohammed Al-Attar, killed in an attack on Beit-Lahya, northern Gaza at 6:00 am.

85- Rama Al-Shandi, 1 YEAR OLD, killed  as four F16s airstrikes hit former security compound Al-Saraya in Gaza City.

In an Israeli attack on Al-Qarara area to the south of the Gaza Strip, two farmers were killed at 8:50 am:

86. Ibrahim Suleiman al-Astal, 46 years old.

87. Omar Mahmoud Mohammed al-Astal, 14 years old.

As a warplane rocked a motorbike in Khan-Younis, southern the Gaza Strip, two people were killed:

88. Abdullah Harb Abu Khater, 21 years old.

89. Mahmoud  Saeed Abu Khater, 34 years old.

An Apache warplane fired a rocket at a car in Al-Berka street in Deer Al-Balah, killing three people:

90. Rashid Alyan Abu Amra, 45 years old.

91. Amin Zuhdi Bashir, 40 years old.

92. Tamer Rushdi Bashir, 30 years old

93- Hussam Abdeljawad, killed as an F16 rocked his car in Saftawi street, northern Gaza, at 2:25 pm.

94- Ramadan Ahmad Mahmoud, 20 years old, died this morning after being seriously injured in an attack that hit Al-Maghazi camp, two days ago.

95- Mohammed Riyad Shamallakh, 23 years old, killed as IOF targeted a car in Tal Al-Hawa, southern Gaza city.

At around 4 am, two people were killed as an Israeli warplane fired a missile that hit Al-Nusseirat Camp, to the west of Gaza city.

96- A’ed Radi

97- Ameer Al-Malahi

In an attack on Al-Shorouq building in Gaza City which contains several media offices, 2 were killed and 3 journalists were seriously injured.

98- Ramez Harb

99- Salem Sweilem

100- Muhammed Ziyad Tbeil, 25 years old,  killed in an attack than hit central Gaza.

At 6:55 pm, an Israeli warplane attacked Al-Bureij camp killing two people:

101- Arkan Harbi Abu Kmeil

102- Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Hawajri

At around 8:00 pm, an Israeli warplane shelled Shhada family’s house in Nusairat camp killing two people from the same family.

103- Khalil Shhada

104- Osama Shhada

At around 9:00 pm, Israel committed another massacre against Hjazi family killing a father and his two sons, and injuring at least 15, most of them are children and women.

106- Suhaib Fo’ad Hjazi, 2 years old.

107- Mohammed Fo’ad Hjazi, 3 years old.

108- Fo’ad  khalil Hjazi

On November 20, the seventh day of the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza:

At around midnight, an Apache rocked a house  in Rafah that belongs to Nassarsa family, killing two siblings and injuring 10 others.

109- Mohammed Tawfeeq Al-Nassasra, 20 years old.

110- Ahmad Tawfeeq Al-Nassasra, 18 years old.

111- Akram Ma’roof, 38 years old, a farmer killed at 9:20 am as an Israeli warplane attacked agricultural lands in Al-Atatra area, northern Gaza. Four other farmers were injured in this attack.

In an Israeli attack on an agricultural land in Beit-Layha, northern Gaza, at 10:10 am, two people were killed:

112- Yahya Mohammed Awad, 15 years old.

113- Bilal Al-Barawi, 20 years old.

114- Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, killed in an attack on Al-Mughraqa are in the middle of the Gaza strip.

115 Palestinian killed and about 984 injured in Gaza
This is the update til 15:00 pm Alquds time, November 21 2012

115- Abderrahman Hamad Abu Hamza, 22 years old, killed at 12:10 pm in an Israeli attack on Mokhabarat buildings, west Gaza.

116- Mohammed Bader, killed at 12:20 pm as IOF targeted Abu Tama’a family in Deer-AlBalah, in middle the Gaza Strip, at 12:20 pm.

117- Ahmad Doghmosh, died in Egypt after being transferred to a hospital in Egypt for being seriously injured in an airstrike that hit Tal Al-Hawa on November 18.

Within 1 hour and while negotiating the truce between Israel and Hamas,  Israel committed another massacre killing at least 14 people.

At 4:20, an Israeli warplane rocked a car in Al-Sabra neighborhood, leaving 6 people torn to pieces:

118- Ahmad Doghmosh

119- Sobhi Doghmosh

120- Salah Doghmosh

121- Musab Doghmosh

122- Unknown

123- Unknown

124- Ameen Al-Dod, 22 years old, killed in an Israeli attack on Baghdad street in Shijaeyya, west Gaza at 2:30 pm.

In an attack on Kishko street in Zaytoon street, two children were killed while playing football in front of their house:

125- Mohammed Ibrahim Ashoor

126- Saqer Bulbul

127- Ayman Rafiq Abu Rashid, killed in an Israeli attack on Jabalia camp, northern Gaza.
In another attack on Al-Shawwa family’s house in Shijaeyya, west Gaza, two people have arrived at Shifa hospital as charred pieces. 20 people were injured in this attack at least, 3 cases are severe.

128- Yosra Al-Shawwa

129- Mahmoud Al-Shawwa

130-  Saber Bulbul

At 5:55 pm, an Israeli warplane attacked a press car working for Al-Aqsa TV station in Nasser street in Gaza city killing two journalists. They were just holding their cameras, reporting on the ongoing attacks…

131- Mahmoud Al-Koomi

132- Hussam Salama

At 6:10 pm, two more were killed in an attack on Beit-Hanoon, northern Gaza.

133- Unknown

134- Unknown

At 6:50 pm, an Israeli missile hit a car in Deer Al-Balah killing two people:

135- Mohammed Musa Abu Eisha, the manager of Al-Quds educational radio.

136- Hassan Yousef Al-Ostaz, 22 years old.

At 8:30, two brothers were killed in an Israeli attack that targeted a motorbike in Bilbeisy street in Rafah:

138- Ahmad Abed Abu Moor

139- Khaled Abed Abu Moor.

At 9:00 am, two were killed in an Israeli attack on Deer Al-Balah:

140- Mohammed Abu Sitta

141- Salem Abu Sitta

At 11:45 pm, two people were found as pieces in Al-Shouka area western Rafah.

142- Ahmad Hamad

143- Mahmoud Al-Arja

In addition to over 157 people injured so far including many women and children!!

At 3.35 on November 14, 2012 Israel “officially” started his Operation Cloud and Gaza started shaking under Israel bombs and missiles; the Israeli occupation army started a new military offensive on the Gaza Strip, which they codenamed “Pillar of Defense”. A series of airstrikes hit Gaza city, Khan Younis and other places across the Gaza Strip. Ahmad al-Jabari, the leader of Hamas’ Al Qassam brigades, and his son were assassinated in one of the first airstrikes of today. In response Hamas said Israel had “opened the gates of hell”; several armed groups fired home made rockets, grad-style rockets and mortars towards Israel.

Since this afternoon more than 35 Israeli airstrikes have targeted streets, homes, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad sites. At least 7 Palestinians have been killed, of whom 2 children and 1 baby, and nearly 70 have been injured. The numbers are rising as these words are written down.

The people in Gaza can only guess what will come next in this operation. For the Israeli army this is a remote controlled war, waged through drones, apaches, F16s and gunboats. For civilians across the entire Gaza Strip it is a living hell from which they, living in the largest open air prison in the world, cannot escape.

Gaza victim again of Israel one sided war waged from the sky. Today November 14 Israel announced that they starting Operation Pillar of Cloud

Fire rains in Gaza Tonight as Israel started another one sided war against the Gaza Strip population.

Gaza it is a dense populated area of Palestine, where close to 2 millions people are forced to live in what it is called the “Biggest Open Prison” of the 21 century.
Since Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza Strip moving some 40,000 settlers out,  the situation has gotten worse for the besieged Gaza. What supposed to be joy and freedom once the army got out of Gaza, has has become the worse nightmare for the population of Gaza. Israel crossed the only open crossing point between Gaza and West Bank. No Palestinian is allowed to cross this crossing known as “No men land”, only UNRAW, UN personal are allowed to use this point of crossing. Severing with this all tides between the Palestinian families. Added to the already cripple economy of Gaza the economic and naval blockade has been struggling the people every day.

Israeli military spokesman said that all possibilities are open including a land offensive, and Israel has taken all necessary measures including mobilizing Israeli military units.

The problem for Israel is not Hamas government, the civil government of Gaza that won the election on 2007. This has been used as the excuse for Israel to keep a military control on Gaza. Keeping the flame of terror allows Israel to get the almost 5 billions of dollars from the US, that considers Israel security sacrosanct.

Another life lost Another Child killed today November 15 2012 Photo Ahmed A Aladini

So, as long as there are home made rockets coming from Gaza, Israel has the excuse to keep its grip on all the Mediterranean enclave, its people and its natural resources.
If ever there were peace in Israel, the money will stop coming from  the US, the various Jews organizations around the world, and Christian fundamentalist groups in the US, such 700 club lead by the no lest lunatic mind Pat Robertson.

Another Child Burn to death-November 15 2012- Photo Ahmad Aqel

Can you see that fire coming from between the homes in Gaza, do you even wonder if the homes are occupied? Why will Israel care for the welfare of the people? They are in the business to make war and war means killing innocent. The age does not matter as long as they live in Gaza they are perfect targets for Israel.

This latest surge of violence between Israel and Gaza militants occurred after Israel shot and killed at least two Gazans and intruded into Gaza with tanks and bulldozers. In response, Gaza militants fired a missile at an Israeli army jeep, wounding four soldiers – to which Israel responded with an extended bombardment of airstrikes.

Ahmed Jabari Hamas official and his body guard victims of target Assassination-November 14 2012

“Israel killed a top Hamas military commander in a targeted strike on Gaza City Wednesday, prompting outrage from fighters who said the Jewish state had opened “the gates of hell.”

Israel confirmed it had targeted Ahmed Jaabari in an air strike on a car, warning it was only the start of an operation to target ‘militant’ groups which was launched as the Jewish state prepares for general elections in January. It also warned it was prepared to launch a ground operation “if necessary.”

What are the odd for Gaza to fight this one sided war?

“Israel Ranked World’s Most Militarized Nation. Israel tops the list of the world’s most militarized nations, according to the latest Global Militarisation Index released Tuesday by the Bonn International Centre for Conversion (BICC)”  Jim Lobe wrote(Nov 15,2012)

Today in the Embassy of Israel website the following statement appeared regarding the massacre they are perpetrating in Gaza.

“I have to say that from my talks with world leaders, I have the clear understanding that they have a clear understanding of this. Yesterday I spoke to President Obama and I briefed him on Israel’s operations. I want to express my appreciation once again to President Obama for his unequivocal support for Israel’s right to defend itself. I also want to express my appreciation to the other world leaders I’ve had a chance to speak to in the last 24 hours: to President Hollande of France, to UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, to EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton and to Quartet representative Tony Blair. I want to thank them for their understanding of Israel’s need to defend itself, and Israel’s right to defend itself.” Benjamin Netanyahu

For people that no nothing about the events that lead to this genocide, his candid words will seems truthful, but the truth of the matter is that there have not been one victim on Israel civilian site. The rockets being fired from Gaza territory are short range home made rockets that get lost in the desert.
Gaza does not have helicopters, drones, military planes or any air vehicle. Israel on the other hand counting with the latest technology it is committing a massacre in Gaza. Missiles, cluster bombs are killing innocent civilians.

An elderly woman sustain serious injuries today in Gaza

Mohammed Ziad Qanoa sustained wounds in the bombing of Shijai

Today is Tuesday 21, 2012 Gaza time. The list of victims of Israel aggression reached 120, with 857 injured. The situation it is unbearable as the hospital has run out of the basic medicines long time before the war had started. The illegal blockade that Israel had placed on Gaza since 2007 had made impossible to maintain medical supplies in the local hospitals. The only medicine allowed inside Gaza is from donations that comes from International organizations from around the world. Medicine that comes to Gaza thru Israel and sits in Israel warehouses for months before it can be transfer to Gaza. Some pharmaceuticals use Gaza a dumping site for their expired medicine, making Gaza responsible for disposing of hazardous material.

If anyone can help me (Hani Silliman Pharmacy) to collect some medical stuff from out side to Gaza I have some contacts with Egyptians could carry the stuff to Gaza through Rafah Border
the Urgent things are :
1- Normal saline for IV (Nacl 0.9 w/v)
2-Glucose/Saline for IV
3-Glucose Solution for IV
4- Ceftrixon 1g vials + Lidocaine 2%
5-First Aid kits
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Israeli Artillery Shells Gaza Strip; Again

October 10, 2011 4 comments

Posted on October 9, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

It has become a normal practice for Israel to attack the North Part of Gaza so often that is not considered important News any more, the local news agencies of Palestine and the neighbors countries treat Israel violation of International Law as an every day event, thanks to the divine providence there are no injured reported this time. On Sunday Israel Shelled the Northern Gaza Strip;

“Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli artillery shelled, on Sunday evening, agricultural land east of the northern Gaza Strip.

The witnesses to our correspondent that about the 4 shells landed near the martyrs’ cemetery east of Jabalia, without causing any personal injuries, but a state of panic and fear hit the population”   Jabaliya – Agency Jerusalem Net News

Braking News 12:20 Am 10/11/2011 Via: Hani Siliman Salamah

Credit Hani Siliman



Update:Hani Siliman Salamah 10/10/2011 4:00 PM Palestine Time

About 10:30 PM 10/10/2011 Palestine Time

Update:Khawlah UmmHajar 10/10/2011 9:45 AM Palestine Time

Israeli fighter jets bombard several areas in north Gaza · · Share · 21 minutes ago via TweetDeck


3 injured in Israeli airstrike on northern Gaza – Israeli forces launched an airstrike on northern Gaza on Saturday evening seriously injuring one man and wounding two others, medical officials said.
Gaza emergency services spokesman Adham Abu Salmiya said three men were hospitalized, adding that one man sustained serious injuries in the attack.

ISRAEL ATTACKED GAZA TODAY – When Palestinians were ready to march for reconciliation inside Gaza and West Bank, Israel attacked Gaza Strip 3 times in one day

What Do We Do, If Israel Bombard Gaza Again? – Free Gaza Today- How to react and help others in Gaza if Israel bombard this tiny peace of land in the Mediterranean?
Gaza more than an occupied nation under siege look more like a big open prison, where close to two millions residents live under the military boot of Israel.
With the daily military excursions invading our land and air space, disrupting every bit of life in Gaza.
When the Israel planes come in the middle of the night blasting their sonar bombs, braking windows, and dreams, what we suppose to do?.
When the tanks cross inside Gaza destroying farm land, and the bulldozers come to destroy the houses and business of Palestinians, how we suppose to react?.
When the F16 show up sending missiles to an unarmed population, inflicting terror, destruction and death, what we do?

Gaza Global Affairs – The world look in awe and disbelief finally realizing how the gangs got together to enforce an illegal blockade even by United Nations standards. And we are taking in consideration the double standards of the body of Shame that the world have suffered since 1945 when its charter was officially signed, but the real world mess started back in 1916 when a few globalists decided to formed what was known as the League of NATIONS. Which is the same clown with different make up.

This is a timeline for 12 hours of terror on August 11, 2011, I don’t think we heard about it in the Main News.

Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – Now: Israeli army in full competency on Gaza borders. Israeli air force is in active position. Gaza is being attacked all across.

The Next 12 hours time line, are the times the hearts stopped in the Palestinians Mothers, thinking if their sons will come back from school, the women  praying that their husbands will be back safe from work.
The 12 hours time line to give you an idea what it is to live inside a war zone, because Gaza it is a One Side war zone.
Every one of these events are the times that Israel attacked Gaza. The Shelling did not stop for 12 hours, the fear in the faces of the children, when the Sonar Bombs Spread its loud, deafening terrorizing sound. The Fear to not know if their houses will be destroy by the next bomb, maybe you can not even imagine. Put yourself in their position, when you see a simple plane or helicopter hovering on your neighborhood, imagine that one of those will drop death to you, or your love ones. I want you to think of Gaza Population as a defenseless, unarmed population that have no where to run for shelter or cover, strong enough to protect themselves from  bombs raining like water in a stormy 12 hours day. Think about it, and Share this information. Do something about, become peace activist, become involved in the affairs of your government, for Gaza children, for your Children that they will never have to live this 12 hours of horror.

5 minutes ago

Breaking News: The attack on Zayton area targeted a civilian car.

7 minutes ago

Breaking News: Israeli Air Force launched coordinated terrorist attacks against civilians, northern, southern, western and eastern Gaza now.

11 minutes ago

Breaking News: An air raid hits a target in Zaytoun neighborhood south east Gaza City.

13 minutes ago

Breaking News: Israeli Warplanes hit a house central Gaza, Nusairat Refugee Camp.

16 minutes ago

Breaking News: 7 Palestinians wounded in the latest Israeli attacks over northern Gaza Strip.

23 minutes ago

Israel launched 239 raids on Gaza. People spent their weekend in terror and Fear. Israel continues its terrorist attacks.

27 minutes ago

Breaking News: Israeli air force launch 3 raids on Khan Yonis city, south of Gaza.

36 minutes ago

A Terrorist Attack launched by Israel against Gaza: Five People injured in the attack.

39 minutes ago

A Terrorist Attack launched by Israel in Gaza: further news to be announced soon.

40 minutes ago

Breaking News: A huge Bombing takes place in Northern Western Gaza, Shiekh Ridwan town a home of over 140.000 civilians.

43 minutes ago

Breaking News: Mega Bombing takes place in Gaza north of Gaza.

45 minutes ago

Palestinian Right of Return Is Inevitable

1 hour ago

Israeli aircraft bombs northern Gaza, injures child

1 hour ago

Breaking News:Many of the Israeli media outlets and Politicians threaten of a terrorist war against civilians in Gaza…

1 hour ago

Breaking News: Leaks through Israeli Gov., we are considering Cast lead 2

1 hour ago

Breaking News: Israeli settlers “Maniacs” attack Nablus with protection of Israeli army, uproot 100 trees.

1 hour ago

Settlers uproot 80 olive saplings near Nablus

2 hours ago

Breaking News: Terrorist Israeli attacks in northern Gaza leave a 12-year-old boy seriously injured. The child is in ICU unit now.

2 hours ago

Breaking News: Israeli air force in active position over Gaza’s air space. Gazan civilians expect predict Terrorist Israeli attacks.

3 hours ago

Breaking News: Israeli army rock the northern towns of Gaza Strip, one child wounded many hit with Trauma.

3 hours ago

2 Palestinians wounded by Israeli gunfire in Bethlehem

5 hours ago

Israeli army invades Hebron, arrests 50 Palestinians

6 hours ago

Israeli army invades Hebron, arrests 50 Palestinians

6 hours ago

Palestinian child assaulted by settlers in Ramallah

9 hours ago

Breaking News: Three Bombings took place in Gaza, targets were in the very eastern part of the city.

10 hours ago

Israeli Army breaks into cities of Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem and arrest dozens of Palestinians.

10 hours ago

Israel arrests Palestinians, foreign activists in Beit Ummer

10 hours ago

Breaking News: Israeli army is breaking into civilians houses, dozens arrested. Fear spread across the city of Hebron.

10 hours ago

Breaking News: Israeli army is breaking into civilians houses, dozens arrested. Fear spread across the city.

11 hours ago

Palestinians with no bunkers from Israeli rockets.

11 hours ago

Breaking News: Israeli Naval Gunboats open heavy fire at the northern shores of Gaza.

Now: Israeli air-crafts raid on Al Zawayda area southern Gaza Strip.

12 hours ago

Breaking News: Israeli army storm Hebron city in West Bank, dozens arrested.

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