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Samer Issawi arrested again

Source International Middle East Media Center

UPDATED 2:34 p.m

Samer Isawi was re-arrested today by Israel Occuaption Forces

Samer Al_Issawi re-arrested today June 23, 2014 by Israel Occupation Forces. Isawi spent 10 years in jail prior to been released with another 1027 Palestinians, he was re-arrested without charged, Al-Issawi spent 8 months in hunger strike and was released in Jerusalem. His home was demolished on January 2013.

Samer Tarik Issawi (Al-Issawi) served 10 years in Israeli jails and became an internationally recognized icon for the prioners’ movement after spending 9 months on hunger strike last year.

The Palestinian News Network (PNN) reports that Samer was released, along with 1027 Palestinian prisoners, as a result of an Egypt-brokered deal between Hamas and the Israeli government for the return of Gilad Shalit.

In July of 2012, however, he was re-arrested for violating the terms of his release when he left Jerusalem into the West Bank.

Convicted for 8 months, to possibly include a reinstatement of the rest of his original 26 year sentence, Essawi began a hunger strike in August, 2012.

In April of last year, when a deal was finally reached where he was to serve 8 months for violating his bail, and then be released to Jerusalem, Samer announced the end of his strike.

Today, Israeli forces raided al-Essawi’s village, where clashes broke out with residents before they broke into Samer’s house and arrested him again.

According to Ma’an, military forces detained 37 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, earlier, as Israel’s massive arrest campaign continued for the 11th day.

Israel accuses Hamas of kidnapping three Israeli teenagers from the illegal Israeli settlement of Gush Etzion, near Bethlehem, though no evidence has actually been presented to determine that a kidnapping took place, let alone by Hamas.

Israeli military spokesman General Motti Almoz said, on Sunday, that all information indicates that the teenagers “are alive”.

Samer’s sister Shireen was arrested with their brothers Medhat and Shadi in March. They were not charged, but Israel has refused to release any details about their arrest, in line with behavior typical of the Administrative Detention policy.

Shireen’s detention has been extended by the Israeli court system three times, now, according to the PNN.

In January of 2013, brother Ahmad Issawi’s home was bulldozed.

Under the pretext of searching for the missing teenagers, Israeli forces have detained 471 Palestinians, including 11 parliamentarians, in over 400 targeted raids on homes, civil society institutions, universities and media outlets, according to the PLO. Ma’an News Agency


Victory for Palestine-Israel defeat in front of the International Community

November 29, 2012 3 comments

Posted on November 29, 2012 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

Israel suffers humiliating defeat at UN

November 29 2012 Palestine Become State

A New beginning for Palestine, their next step Full Membership as a Member State. Majority of the countries had express their desire to support Palestine as a full member with rights and responsibility in the floor of the UN.

“The moment has arrived for the world to say clearly:  enough of aggression, settlements and occupation,” said Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, as he called on the 193-member body to “issue a birth certificate of the reality of the State of Palestine”.  Indeed, following Israel’s latest aggression against the Gaza Strip, the international community now faced “the last chance” to save the long elusive two-State solution, he said, adding:  “the window of opportunity is narrowing and time is quickly running out”.

Palestine by Majority Vote become State, even thought today it is not full membership open the door for a more clear resolution allowing Palestine to self determination, sovereignty and  use and exploitation of its Natural resources.
The world are celebrating The International Day of Solidarity with Palestine.

Today by almost unanimous decision the General Assembly of the UN approved Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Bid to Upgraded Palestine Non member observant status To Non State Observant, many Palestinians around the world are not happy with this transition thinking that Mahmoud Abbas has betrayed the Palestinian cause. But one step at the time, and this Victory should be savored and use it to energize to keep fighting for the just and fare recognition of Palestine as a sovereign,  independent State with all the benefits that grant this body of the UN.

In Gaza streets the celebration started as soon as the news were announced, “Now I hear shooting in the streets expression of this news today,You know, when the joy of the Palestinian people firing in the air” Shady Alassar, Gaza, Palestine.

Personally I m completely against the Two State solution, I more like the Final Solution for Israel- off course I m talking about the entity not the people…but at these moments Palestine needs this. It is the moment to grab the attention of the world. So I m pushing very hard, like I did Last year when Mahmoud Abbas submitted the Draft for Statehood.  Off course I named the article “Palestine Bid Member State hijacked”, because the stream media made all this chaos on the news on the “Non State Member” instead of full Member Statehood as Mahmoud Abbas drafted their Bid last November, but  the rumors rolled with all the pressure from the country leaders,  and the misinformation started growing this campaign pressing with this Mahmoud Abbas to change his decision to bid for “Non State Member”.

The Palestinians Council was pressured to re evaluated this opportunity that according to few Pro Israel analysts a gift to Palestinians.
Palestine has never been in position to chose an advantageous offer from Israel, and 65 years ago when the Palestinians Arab Population were expelled from their lands, and ignored the “UN offers” to declared a Palestinian state side by side with their “Jews Neighbors” it has always been a wound hard to heal for Palestinians. The Palestinian resistance had always seen  two state solution as a betrayal and it is, because accepting a Palestinian State on the land that Israel has left for Palestinians it is legitimizing the illegal State of Israel.

Many could see this as give away of the lands stolen in 1948, when UN resolution 181 partition Palestinian, creating an exodus of expelled Palestinians the greatest of political issues afterwards. Every political move over the years has been impeded by the right of return. A right that it has to been respected, but the conditions on the ground, set up by the unconditional support of the word leaders and the Arab puppets of the middle east.
The overwhelmed majority had showed their support for Palestine, the people in their majority believes that this should have been an opportunity to claim full  Statehood Membership for Palestine, but this is just the strategy of Palestinians leaders to win the heart and minds of the people of the world then keep pushing for the next stage that it is Full Member Statehood.

Then the touchy subject comes to the mind of Palestinians that have opposed the creation of Israel in the first place, because then the UN, the world in general , and the Palestinians will be legitimizing Israel. The Two State solution those magic words bring mixing emotions to the Political spectrum.
Will give a triumph to Israel, but will be temporal,  I m almost sure, very sure that Israel is in decline.
Israel can not support their bloody campaign of Victim hood any longer.
The Reality and the truth i in the faces of the leaders and the people.  We the people are making this possible. S o, this is what I think.

We congratulate the Palestinian People, they seen clearly today that their plight is being heard, now they know that the illegal occupation has been acknowledged on the Floor of the United Nations.

The majority of the delegations expressed their desire to see the end of the Israel occupation of Palestinians Lands. They want to see an end of the violence, the halt to the illegal settlements that according to International Law are illegal.

The transfer of settlers it is a war crime. The majority expressed their concern regarding Israel unwillingness and the lack of seriousness on the peace talks. Many of the delegations spoke of the threat in the Middle East with the belligerent actions of Israel that undermine peace not only in Palestine but in the whole region.

Long Live Free Palestine.

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