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Laundromat Film

I just finished watching ‘The Laundromat” film.
This movie could be very well used for the defense of Julian Assange, publisher of WikiLeaks, which revealed “The Panama Papers.”

“The Panama Papers are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney-client information for more than 214,488 offshore entities” WikiLeaks

This comedy film is based on the book “Secrecy World” by Jake Bernstein, which based on the story of
Mossack and Fonseca, who built a money making machine with more than 210,000 anonymous companies, trusts, and foundations.

“Mossack and Fonseca Law firm we’re selling secrecy, and products that offered limited economic nourishment while clogging the world’s financial arteries with tax evasion and criminality.” Excerpt from America Empire Project by Jake Bernstein.

Political campaign finance laws, Tax Laws, money laundering and other issues exposed in the film are fair conversations to ask to the 2020 US Presidential candidates, and to any house member due for reelection.

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WikiLeaks #JulianAssange #FreeJulianAssange


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Source Pakistan Ideology


This should be shown in our schools, to show what we had and now what we have.

The Cabinet Meeting was to be held – the ADC inquires, “Sir what will be served in the meeting…Tea or Coffee?”

Sir looked up and replied sternly…the ADC was taken aback! “Whichever of the Ministers wish to have tea or coffee should drink it before leaving his home or when he returns home. The Nation’s money is for the Nation and not for the Ministers!”

After this instruction – as long as he was the Head of the nation …nothing except water was ever served in the Cabinet meetings.

Some items amounting to Rs.38.50 paisa had been purchased for the Governor General’s House. He asked for the bill; a few items were purchased on Mohtarima Fatima Jinnah’s request; he gave instructions that the amount was to be deducted from her account. A couple of items were for his own personal use…their amount to be deducted from his personal account. The remaining items for the Governor House, he said, may be charged to the Government. Instructions were issued to check and make sure what may be charged to the government in the future.

When the brother of the British Emperor – Duke of Gloucester was going to visit Pakistan – the British envoy requested that he receive him at the Airport. He replied, “if I do so then the British head of state (King) would have to reciprocate when my brother would visit London”.

Once the ADC placed a Visiting Card before him…he took it and tearing it said, “Tell him not to come here before me, in future!” the card was his brother’s and his fault..? Printed under the brother’s name was…Brother of Mohammed Ali Jinnah Governor General Pakistan.

During the severe winter of Ziarat, Col. Ilahi Bukhsh offered him a pair of socks. He liked them but inquired about the price. On learning that the price was Rs.2/-, he said the price was high. Col Ilahi Bukhsh replied that “the socks had been purchased from your account” to which the answer was that “even my account is a National trust…the Head of a poor country should not be so extravagant!” With that he rewrapped the socks and returned them to the Colonel.

He was impressed with the work of a particular Nurse in Ziarat and asked if he could do something for her. She said that she was from Punjab and all her family were there, she was alone in Quetta if he could have her transferred to Punjab.

He answered rather regretfully, “I am sorry…this is in the hands of the Health Ministry and not the Governor General’s jurisdiction.”

He ordered a writing table to be installed in his plane…when the File reached the Finance Ministry; the finance minister sanctioned it but sent a written note stating, “The Governor General must ask the Finance Ministry before issuing any such Order”. He gave a written apology and withdrew his previous order.

There is the incident of the Railway track barrier/gates which is well known. When Gul Hasan (his ADC, later C-in-C Pakistan Army) requested the railway track gates to be opened so that his car may pass over unhindered, his face turned red in anger and he ordered the gates to be shut saying, “If I do not obey rules – who else will!”

This was the Pakistan of 60 years ago when Mohammed Ali Jinnah was Head of State…We have evolved and arrived at this Pakistan of today. Today, railway track barriers/gates (Phatak) aside – all traffic signals of the city are switched off- both sides of the main roads are closed to traffic for an hour before the royal entourage goes by and the Head of State may announce a 5 crore donation or funding without a sanction of the Finance Ministry and even after a refusal for a sanction from the finance ministry, aeroplanes purchased and on orders from the President and Prime Minister, scores of people are transferred – as many people’s jobs are terminated and without merit…by bending of rules and regulations as many personnel given promotion..

What to mention socks…even the kids pampers are charged to the National treasury which has brought the expenditure of the President House to 18 and ½ and the Prime ministers budget to 20 Crores. Here nephews, sisters, brother in laws hold sway over the portals of power…where Secretaries receive phone calls from, “I am the brother in law of the Sahib.”

It is a Pakistan in which the full government is present at the airport to receive the vice-president of the United States of America. In the Cabinet meetings, besides tea, coffee full lunches and dinners are served. The kitchens of the President and prime Minister turn crores of rupees into smoke annually! This is the advanced Pakistan where 16 crore poor people are trying to survive!

When the Quaid e Azam left the Governor House on duty there was one police car with a single Inspector of police who also happened to be a non-muslim – at the time when Gandhi had been killed and Quaid e Azam’s life was in danger too – in spite of that the Quaid e Azam went for his evening walk, enjoyed the fresh air without security…but today the Heads of State do not travel even ten kilometres without modern bullet proof cars, expert security guards and well trained Commandos –

We have failed to instil equality in our country, we have been unable to establish a dynamic morally upright nation…have not even made it a peaceful secure modern State!

We the 16 crore poor of Pakistan desire the moral integrity of the Pakistan of 60 years back…Relieve us of this kind of progress, prosperity and prestige and restore to us the venerable Pakistan of the Quaid e Azam…the Pakistan of 1948.

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The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Thursday said it has started investigations against the Sahrif brothers in a $32 million money laundering scandal.

“The reference against Sharif brothers was sent by Interior Minister Rehman Malik and it will be decided on merit,” NAB spokesman Zafar Iqbal said while addressing a media briefing at the NAB headquarters. Replying to a question about the reports that President Asif Ali Zardari has directed the NAB chairman to initiate an inquiry against the Sharifs and reopen pending cases against them, the spokesman said the president had only directed the NAB chairman to ensure that there was no political victimisation. Malik had earlier claimed he had evidence to prove that the PML-N leaders were involved in laundering $32 million.  Nawaz Sharif Scandal

Following documents have been placed before the Supreme Court and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) alleging Nawaz Sharif involvement in $32 millions corruption scandal.




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