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Real heroes, no media stars

Cheering won’t do!
These are the real environmental heroes, and not “heroes” that are pushed and aggrandize by the media. These forest protectors put their lives in the line for the environment. They know that keeping the forest safe means survival.

Paulo Paulino Guajajara, a 26-years-old indigenous Guajajara leader was killed on Friday in an Amazon rainforest ambush allegedly by loggers in the Araribóia Indigenous Reserve, one of the country’s most threatened indigenous territories, which is located in Brazil’s Maranhão state.

They protect their livelihood, the planet and the livelihood of future generations.

Media heroes backed up by the conglomerate media only make noise, and dilute into stardom the real stories that need to be told and supported.

I know that people get all excited when they hear Greta Thunberg shouting from a podium, but they don’t realize that this much exposure is only possible by the mainstream media, whose stockholders may be benefiting from the extraction of riches of those regions.

After so many stories written about the environment, everyone who has the internet should know by now, what he/she needs to do to minimize their impact on the earth.

A simple cutting on meat in our diets makes a different. Reusing water bottles, and grocery bags, walking instead of driving makes us better contributors to protect the earth

The simple steps we can take don’t need a massive advertisement campaign such as those staged by the man for Greta.

Most of the impact on the degradation of earth is the overproduction of “everything, ” and more than anything; wars—from the production of vehicles for the defense to weapons, ammunition, and missiles. Taking into consideration the use of oil used for the production of gadgets and the oil used to propel war.

He posed for this picture on Jan 31, 2019. Image by Karla Mendes/Mongabay

“Indigenous Guajajara leader Paulo Paulino Guajajara was shot dead in an ambush by loggers in the Amazon. He was one of the “Guardians of the Forest,” a group of Guajajara indigenous people that risks their lives fighting illegal logging in the Araribóia indigenous reserve.” Mongabay New, Nov. 02, 2019

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