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Brakedancing for Peace-Camps Breakerz

Posted by Marivel Guzman

Camp Brakerz Bboy of Palestine

There was a time when singers, poets, writers were outcast, they have to exiled themselves to foreign lands to be able to spread their messages, to tell the people what was happening in their land, for the singers they where called “Alternative Music Singers” in Mexico my primary Home they were called “Musica de Protesta or Cantores” Protest Music.

If you do not know Mexico was is until now very Political country, and to the vanguard to political movements around the world, with more than 100 Public and Private Universities that have created very well thought individuals, we have our political movements also that marked periods of unrest in our life in Mexico. There are horror stories that only people that live in places such Palestine, Kashmir, South Africa, South America of Dictatorships (Argentina,Chile) can relate to.
For years in Mexico journalists disappeared, or were killed in accidents, writers that were dissidents where called “Communists” the branding of choice for the governments in place, students were tortured or disappeared as it happen in Tlatelolco 68 when in 2 of October(Known as The University Student Day in Mexico to their memory) in “La Plaza de Las Tres Culturas” The Square of the Three Cultures” inside the Tlatelolco complex thousands of students demonstrators were shot.

“The death toll remains controversial: some estimates place the number of deaths in the thousands, but most sources report between 200 and 300 deaths. The exact number of people who were arrested is also controversial.” Tlatelolco Massacre 1968

Between the outcast “Cantores” we have Silvio Rodriguez between my favourites cantores that with his poems shaped the mentality of thousands of people around the world, and off course he was exiled of his country, he was known as the Trovador Cubano

Now days there are more Trovadores, messenger of Truths and injustice, minds that get brew out of the injustices of their society. In the last 50 years the messengers or trovadores haved gone from exiles singing in Peñas (forums) and in public plazas to a more developed and technological and wider media to express and spread their message. We have more than the classical poets now, they are called rap singers, which are the popular expression of the lower black barrios of the US and which style had been borrowed to every corner of the world. And the very popular hip hop dancers that to the tune of the popular hip hop music dance in a very peculiar way like contortionists that with their body moves like waves in the ocean.

Camps Breakerz Crew in Darag district Camps News Camps Breakerz Crew , shared in an open day in one of UNRWA's schools (Darag district-Gaza city) to make Gaza's children happy Shark shared in this project as a volunteer , It was just for draw the smile for kids in Gaza Now we hope you enjoy these photographs taken from that day

I have brought to you the newest Trovadores of our time, they are called Hip Hop brakedancers. They are a group of young Palestinians that have the same hopes of any young of their age, that want to express themselves with their art. A hip hop brakedancing Crew Camps Brakerz. Directly from Gaza Strip, Palestine where they found a new way to express their frustration to the world to living in an occupied Land, and besieged by an Illegal blockade from Israel.
Dancing is better than fighting, their message to the world is of Peace, they do not want to be killed or be in jail, they want to dance.

Simple message to the world “Peace Start Here” in the heart of the Nusierat Refugee Camp where they live.

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